Air-Quality Remote-Sensing Consulting, LLC
Air-Quality Remote-Sensing Consulting, LLC

Corporate Experience:

  • Formed in 2007, as an LLC in the State of Alabama
  • Expert witness experience in patent infringement case, ended with favorable outcome to customer 
  • Tropospheric ozone lidar instrument design and deployment
  • Instrument Design: Novel approaches for particle and gas sensing in harsh environments
  • Space-borne trace-gas spectrometer measurements, inversion, and validation
  • Active Remote Sensing: atmospheric lidars for ozone, aerosols, Doppler wind
  • Refractive Turbulence: atmospheric effects on scintillation and laser beam propagation
  • Aerosol and Gas Climatologies: atmospheric data analyses, chemistry/transport modeling
  • Satellite-Based NASA Sensors: involvement in multiple programs, past, present, planned

Owner/Chief Executive Office/Chief Scientist: Dr. Michael J. Newchurch

  • Also Professor in the Atmospheric Science Department, University of Alabama in Huntsville 
  • Over 30 years research experience in remote sensing from satellite-based sensors and lidars  
  • Over 15 years of experience in instrument and laboratory development
  • Past or current member of multiple satellite science teams: SAGE I/II/III, TOMS, SBUV, POAM, ATLAS, ATMOS, AIRS OMI, GEOCAPE, TEMPO.
  • Over 100 peer-reviewed publications

Collaborator: Mr. David A. Bowdle

  • Also Research Scientist (Retired, Part-Time On-Call), University of Alabama in Huntsville. 
  • Over 35 years of experience in aerosol measurement and modeling.
  • Over 15 years of experience in laboratory development and instrument engineering for aerosols and gases.
  • Past or current member of multiple ground-based, airborne, and satellite-based science teams: GLOBE/LAWS, MABIE, ACLAIM, LWG
  • Over 10 peer-reviewed publications 
We welcome your inquiry into our ability to assist you in your research needs.

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